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Gyanec Range

We have also SPECIALIZED WOMEN Caring range which strengthen the inner state and offer Happiness through BEST Healthcare to God’s Beautiful Creation.


MEGAEVE Syrup is an ayurvedic formulation for irregular menstruation (periods), menorrhagia (heavy bleeding in menstruation), painful dysmenorrhoea, premenopausal symptoms, leucorrhoea (whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge), and uterine disorder.

MEGAEVE Syrup is an herbal tonic to tone up the female system and effective in various menstrual disorders in females. It contains herbal extracts such as Asparagus racemosus (Shatavari) and Saraca indica (Ashoka). Shatavari works well for nervous and gastric disorders. Its main sphere of action is on the female sexual system where it helps to increase the libido thereby helping improve confidence and self-esteem. It also helps improve stamina and energy levels in women.

Ashoka is beneficial to relieve menstrual disturbances and can regulate the female menstrual cycle. It relieves menstrual pain and pain in various kinds of tumors of the female reproductive system. The pre-menstrual tension can be relieved using Ashoka.

Key ingredients work on

Strengthen complete reproductive system and regulates hormonal imbalance Act as a uterine haemostatic in menorrhagia and helps in blood purification Improves immunity and also have anti-depressant effect Controls excessive uterine bleeding and helps to correct excessive secretion.

Directions of use:

Take 2 teaspoonfuls of MEGAEVE two times a day. Follow the instructions of your doctor exactly, even if they differ from the usually recommended dosage.

Use under medical supervision.